“Heaven is For Real” vs “God’s Not Dead”

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Is Heaven for Real? For Christian believers the answer is simple: yes, Heaven is for real. And that answer is the title of a recent film that, in my opinion, is less a “Christian” film than the recent hit "God's Not Dead" is. However, “Heaven is For Real” does have very strong Christian themes that will intrigue the viewer, although not be the life changer that "God's Not Dead" was.


It is imperative to state that there is no limit to what God can do. Once we start putting borders up and saying that this or that is possible, but this or that is impossible, than we are basically stating that God is not omnipotent. However, God is all-powerful and can do all things. Having said that, this story about a little boy who visits Heaven while undergoing emergency surgery spends a lot of time questioning whether or not what he experienced was “real.” It is an in interesting, moving and quite believable story. I, for one, don’t doubt that he did see Heaven. Yet, the story’s delivery is less powerful than it could have been. More time is spent covering his father’s response, the pastor of a local church, and his crisis of faith over whether or not his son's experience was real, than it does exploring the importance of what the visit to Heaven was really all about.


By the end of the film I did not change my mind at all about what happened. God can surely take a little child and show him what Heaven is like if He wishes. For me that point was never under question. From a Christian perspective the film really did not strengthen my faith the way "God's Not Dead" did. If I try to look at it from a non-believer’s point of view, I doubt very much it changes too many hearts towards God. So much has been written about "the spirit world” and "out of body" experiences that this is, in many ways, could be seen by he non-believer as just another entry in that genre.


It is safe to say that "God's Not Dead" is the thinking believer's film. "Heaven is For Real" is the emotional believer’s movie. There is nothing wrong with either one, however. Both provide a measure of entertainment, while “God’s Not Dead” offers a far superior experience in faith building and evangelism.

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