The Battle of the Mind

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Ephesians 6:10-18 speaks about our spiritual armor against evil forces. The fifth piece of God's armor is represented by the Roman soldier's helmet: an essential protection against blows to the head and your brain (thoughts) and every function that comes from it. Satan's blows are directed to the believer's security and assurance in Christ.


The attacks in the spirit are most often discouragement, fear and doubt. If there is a problem with your brain it affects the whole body! If your doubt about salvation creeps in it affects the way we think. Like in football, players wear helmets to protect their brains. The brain is to the body as the spirit is to the soul.


Our soul is our emotions, will and decisions. Our battle is in the spirit, and it will affect the soul and then our behavior. If our spirit is right (with God through salvation) our soul will be saved. What we do on a daily basis is a spiritual battle. Your spirit gives your soul the right information, but the spiritual realm, the unseen, is more important than anything else! Your perception of reality and feelings are real but can be affected by our spiritual state.


Before you do something or act on something, it was already in your mind. Truth and reality are two different things! We need more truth. Your soul will follow your spirit. We are free in the grace of God! If your spiritual thinking gets warped, your emotions and feelings will follow; we need to change the way we think!


Sickness, unemployment, loneliness, losing a loved one or struggling with addiction are all real. But the truth is God is our provider and healer! The devil takes us on a 'virtual ride' but God's truth keeps us grounded. Our protection over our thoughts is our salvation. The Helmet of Salvation is something that you have to put on yourself, so, take it up! Even though the enemy will attack your salvation, God's salvation is free but not cheap.


What is salvation? The curse of death is broken. We are healed and set free. We are free! Your sins are forgiven yesterday, today and forever! Temptation can be an opportunity to sin, but if you are really saved, you don't want to go back to a life of sin! Salvation will drive you away from sin.


Get the truth about salvation. There is a Heaven and there is a Hell. We have to choose in which place we want to spend eternity. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Accept Jesus' work on the cross. Believe and accept the work of the cross. Eph. 2:8-10 speaks of salvation as a gift- a free gift; a package deal.


We receive salvation through GRACE. The second part of salvation is accepting God's grace. People walk away from church because they don't understand salvation. The helmet protects you from tradition, religion, your family, man-made rules! Remember, if you don't have the helmet on, your brain/mind is open to attacks from the enemy. Salvation is yours; you are going to heaven because God gave it to you for free.


Your mind is following your spirit. Temptation is not sin... It is an attack to push you away. Don't act on it. Walk by the grace of salvation and overcome the battle for your mind!


Pray with us and stand with us as we move forward with the second service, Sunday Nov 9th at 11 :15 am!



Thank You Pastor Andre & Pastor Wilna for All You do and Your Spiritual Leadership at Crosspoint Church and in/for our Community.

Know You are greatly appreciated and loved by all.

We love the Praise and Worship Service and Your Message each Sunday.

We pray others will hear about our Crosspoint church and come taste, smell, touch and get hugged, know that Jesus is preached and will worship with us in the Future.

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