CrossPoint to Launch New Sunday Service Times!

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Something is happening here!  What it is is now exactly clear. The announcement we have been waiting for has been made.  This past Sunday Pastor Andre told the congregation that CrossPoint Church is officially moving to two Sunday morning services.  Starting November 9 we will have the opportunity to attend church at 9:45 AM and / or 11:15 AM.  To help our church family become familiar with the new start time, the current 10 AM service will begin at 9:45 AM starting October 5.


In the four years since CrossPoint Church began, the church has grown steadily to the point that one service on Sunday is no longer physically comfortable.  With the seating capacity nearly maxed out each week, Pastor Andre recognized that there is little room for growth.  A new family or two stepping through the door on any given Sunday may not be able to find enough seats to sit together.  That is hardly a way to welcome visitor to our family!  Even with the childrens’ church classrooms at the back of the building, the main sanctuary is still bursting at the seams.  As the old English proverb says “necessity is the mother of invention:” thus the need for a second service.


Everyone is welcome to attend either service.  Are you an early riser, then the 9:45 AM service is for you!  Do you have kids that take time to get out the door on a Sunday morning?  Perhaps the 11:15 AM service may be what you are seeking.  No matter the reason, please come to CrossPoint Church on a Sunday and join our church family.  You will be welcomed warmly at whichever service you choose to attend.


very well said! We are so excited to make room for more: more miracles, more healing, more opportunities to worship, more times to minister, more deliverance, more reconciliation, more spiritual growth, more of Jesus! Thank you Jesus for all Your goodness over CrossPoint Church congregation!

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