Don't Miss Exciting Announcement During Sunday Worship Service, September 21

Greg Giordano's picture

"Something's happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear."
                                                                         Buffalo Springfield

Something is happening here at CrossPoint Church. Unlike the immortal opening lines of "For What it's Worth," that something is not a protest against violence in our town. In fact, it will be something that will have a positive, and potentially eternal, impact on our church and the community we serve.

"What is it," you ask? Well, Pastor Andre is poised to tell the church all about it on September 21. We will find out what the big news is during the Sunday morning service. I can tell you this much; what the pastor has to announce will make a fundamental improvement in how Cross Point operates, which will ultimately benefit every member of the church.

So much has happened at Cross Point since it's inception. During the past year alone we have seen the space to train our children expand beyond anything we could have imagined possible. The expansion of the church is due to the growth of younger families with kids.

The next big leap forward will benefit the whole congregation.

On Sunday, September 21 please plan on attending church to find out how you can be a part of this exciting and eternal plan for CrossPoint Church.

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