The End of Daylight Savings Time: Does it Really Matter?

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This weekend we say goodbye to Daylight Savings Time and set our clocks back one hour, effectively putting us into what is called Standard Time.  This practice has received both praise and condemnation for various reasons.  Its proponents argue that getting up earlier allows more daylight to be utilized and enjoyed.  This is especially helpful to professions that rely on sunlight (i.e. farming, construction, etc) and recreational activities (sporting events, leisure activity s such as beach going, hiking etc.).  Its critics cite the negative impact changing clocks have on technology, health care, etc.  Both sides have valid arguments but until our elected officials take action to change its use, Daylight Savings Time is here to stay.

While we may artificially manipulate time twice a year (when we set the clocks forward in the spring and set them back again in the fall) we are merely experiencing the illusion of changing time.  Time was created by the Lord back when he spoke the universe into existence.  Prior to the Creation, there was no need for time because God, Himself, exists outside of time.  He always has and always will.  Time was necessary only when the Heavens and the Earth were hung in the celestial sphere He created.  Without time there would have been no way to measure the beginning and end of anything, whether the lifespan of a human being or the formation of a beach.  Humans are not the master of time, nor should we be slaves to it.  We are subject to time as it is part of the Lord’s plan for our existence, but we cannot truly control it, despite our best efforts.

Since each and every person has the same 24 hour period each day in which to live, it is how we manage our time that is within our control.  No matter what the clock may say, we have one day, one after another, to live our lives to His glory.  One day, for each of us, our allotted time on this Earth will come to an end.   When that time may be we don’t know.  Thus, we should live each moment as if it is our last.  Bickering and worrying is not bringing glory to God; rather, it is squandering the precious resource that we have been blessed with.  Instead we should do what is right and good in His eyes, loving one another and lifting up His Name.  Whether it is Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time it does not matter.  It is how we spend that time that is important (and will ultimately determine how we spend eternity).

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