God’s Not Dead is Good Art and a Good Witnessing Tool

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God’s Not Dead is one of those films that can literally change your life, if you allow it to.  If you are a believer it will strengthen your faith.  It will show you a fellow Christian, placed in an untenable position, who risks his college career, his fiancé and his reputation to defend the One True God.

If you are not a believer there is no way that this movie won’t help you see Christianity in a different light.  Through cogent arguments it shows that the darkness of evolution and atheism can be examined with a critical and studious eye, relying not on emotion but on scholarship.  I can’t imagine how an atheist could watch this film and not be impressed and perhaps swayed into giving the Christian faith a second look.

For those who are on the fence about their decision to serve Jesus, this movie may be what you need to make that final choice.  The film presents real world people living their lives and making decisions that have eternal impact.  Watching this film may be what that lukewarm believer, or the one who just can’t quite make that step, move forward in faith.

No matter if the movie is for yourself or a friend or family member, it is a life changer.  I saw it twice when it came out in the theaters and would gladly watch it multiple times again.  There are few films I ever want to see more than once.  This is one of the films.

The production values rival any mid-level Hollywood film, unlike so many “Christian” films that end up going “straight to DVD” because they were made on the cheap.  God’s Not Dead  includes more than just cameos of The Newsboys, perhaps the greatest contemporary Christian group of the time.  Fans of Duck Dynasty will be impressed by the appearance of two stars of that show. 

 The biggest name in the film, Kevin Sorbo, best known for his portrayal of Hercules in the 1990’s television series of that name, is the antagonist that everyone loves to hate.  Shane Harper, the protagonist, squares off with Sorbo not on the Coliseum floor, but in the classroom, the place where young minds are molded into belief or disbelief.  This veteran of the Disney world surprises the viewer with his courage and the intensity of his portrayal.

I highly recommend this film to believers and nonbelievers alike.  No matter how the movie moves you, in the end it is guaranteed that you will be changed.  And that is what good art is all about.

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