A Lesson From My Papa, GOD

The word GUIDANCE has two parts-GUIDE & DANCE:


GUIDE: to lead in the right direction.

DANCE: to move to music.

The Father said to me I should obey His guidance. He wrote the Word to define what He is telling me.

If I follow where He guides then I will DANCE with Him forever.

God says listen and obey and follow Him. He has invited me to the DANCE and if I accept His hand,

He will lead and I will follow Him. Together we will make beautiful music. The music is so good it will

move me to do nothing but DANCE with Him. The music and dancing with Him will never end.

So keep praying, talking and fellowshipping with Him and the GUIDANCE and music will be forever.


Your blog was very encouraging to me! If we acknowledge Him in all our ways He will direct (guide) our path!

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