Our Christian Walk: All the Way to the End Zone

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Phase One of the Two Service Schedule kicked off today with CrossPoint Church’s first service officially starting at 9:45 AM. From today on Sunday services will begin at 9:45.  On November 9 the second service will begin at 11:15 AM.


Despite the change in service times we enjoyed a full church.  There is little doubt that the need for a second service is there.  I have the Buccaneers game on while I am typing this. It is okay to watch football and type a church blog, especially since the pastor showed a clip from the Bucs win over the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this season.  What, exactly, does football have to do with church?  A lot, evidently.


Although it is fun to see the desperate “Hail Mary” pass, you know, the one in which the quarterback tosses the ball as far downfield as possible in the hope that one of his teammates will catch it and score a touchdown.  Rather, a football game’s march to victory is usually a series of smaller advances down the field, culminating in the final play in which the ball crosses the line into the end zone it is not the norm to run the length of the field to a touchdown on the first play).  From the moment the players step on to the field, until the final whistle blows, players are expected to play as though every down is the most important down, even if their team is behind by four touchdowns.  Fumbles, interceptions and dropped balls are par for the course (how is that for a mixed sports metaphor!).  Winning teams overcome those setbacks and successfully get the football into the end zone more times than their opponent.


Our Christian walk is very much the same.  It is a daily “one foot in front of the other” walk, with the ultimate purpose being to cross the end zone/ finish line with the same faith and trust in Christ that we had the moment we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. There is nothing easy about it.  Some days can be tough, with many challenges, while others may just sail along quite nicely.  In our faith walk our obstacles can be health issues, financial stress, relationship challenges, and worldly temptations.  How we handle those setbacks defines who we are as a Christian.  Of course, like the winning football player, we can’t give up before we make the final trip into the end zone.  As the writer of Hebrews famously wrote: “…let us run with patience the race that is set before us… Heb 12:1”  That race, and that patience, will put us firmly into God’s presence when this life is done.

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